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Felipa Mendez United States

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About me

Interests:Reading, making things go boom, Learning, history, science, being Lutheran,laughing, dancing, acting like a weirdo,writing, talking, sleeping,(sometimes both),homework...NOT!,doing weird handshakes nobody can get write, using my dramatic voice, hanging out, listening to music, British people, impressions, piano, cello, art, HATING KIDS BOP, wushu, yoga,twirling,foreign foods, seeing movies, ranting, big words, sophisticatedness


reading, swimming, dance, eating, twirling, reading, sleeping, reading,fanfiction, did I say reading?


Every thing except rap...classical is more my thing though;D...and show tunes...they are pretty catchy

Movies and TV:

mythbusters, Planet earth, bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmers,anything on the travel, discovery, history and science chanel.


Twirling, polo, dance, cricket, softball, wushu, track


Twirling, dance, piano, cello, wushu, yoga, using big words to intimidate people


my fvorite colors are burnt orange, copper, and amber. if that caounts as an other...I like to say no,ummmmm...yeah,don't know what to say sooooooo, HOT WHEELS, BEAT THAT.
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